Collection of gray and lilac nursery art

& Gray

Colors in Collection

  • Lilac
  • Violet
  • Cool gray
  • Feather gray
  • White

 The large canvas size fits best above a standard 54″ wide crib.

The sample painting is a 50″ X 20″ triptych tree painting. But you can create a focal point with a 41″ X 24″ diptych as well

Art Above a Combined Crib & Changing Table

While a large painting will look in proportion with a combined crib, it won’t look big enough for a focal piece. An extra large canvas size is a better fit for a wider crib.

Don’t want to hang a canvas above your crib? Create a focal point with wallpaper instead.

If don’t want to risk your art falling above a crib, you can hang your focal art above a dresser on another wall. Choose a large scaled wallpaper pattern behind your crib. 

This mosaic floral wallpaper is soft enough for a nursery, and  stylish enough for a big kid room.

This classic geometric trellis pattern is great for a nursery you plan to adapt to a big kid style rather than totally redecorate. 

Mix a light an airy pattern with soft and cozy minky fabric, and you have a fantastic blanket for your nursery rocking chair. 

Grab this versatile pillow for rocking chair back support, nursing, baby tummy time, and later to sit up in a big kid bed.

The stylish, abstract pattern on these curtains will transition nicely from nursery to big kid room. 

Give a keepsake artwork in the new baby’s nursery color scheme. If you find out the colors early, you have time to order a custom artwork to match the nursery before the due date.

Some designs have space for a baby name and birthdate inscription as an add on.

This large floral border fabric prints on fabric up to 56″ wide.

What Fabric to order

Front: 1 yard of minky, large border design
Back: 1 yard Kona cotton, small coordinate design

Baby Blanket Instructions
  1. Lay flat the front minky design and the cotton backing facing each other
  2. Pin along the edges
  3. Sew along the border, leaving 4″ opening
  4. Turn the fabric inside out through the opening
  5. Sew border making sure to close the opening

Transitioning to a Big Girl's Room

This soft pastel nursery will need an update in a few years to fit with the higher energy of a big kid. Plan your nursery expecting to want a fresh look in a few years. This will guide your choices on big purchases like wallpaper and artwork. 

The limited palette of lilac and gray is soft and calm for a nursery. Adding additional colors is a great way to create a fresh look for a big girl’s bedroom without a total room makeover. Bright fuchsia is softened in this accent art with pastel pinks and blues in a beautiful sculpted bouquet.

If you are converting a crib into a toddler or full size bed, the painting that fit above a crib will still fit.

Switching to a twin bed?

The painting that once fit well above your changing table is now a better fit for a twin bed. Move the painting from above your crib to hang above a double dresser. 

Find more ideas to coordinate an indigo, aqua, gray, and pink nursery with Amborela on Pinterest. 

Bethany Ogle

I am the artist creating the nature inspired paintings and surface patterns at Amborela. When I'm not in my studio, I am working in my garden with the flowers that inspire my artwork. I ooh and aah at beautiful colors and interesting textures.