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The original paintings and surface patterns at Amborela are created by independent artist, Bethany Ogle. Canvas paintings are designed, painted, and shipped within the USA. Fabric and wallpaper surface patterns from Spoonflower ship internationally. 

Spoonflower prints Amborela surface patterns on fabric, wallpaper, and soft furnishings so you can coordinate your home décor. Shop from collections of surface patterns to easily create a coordinated look between your wallpaper, pillows, curtains and more.

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If you love big sculptural texture, mood inspiring colors, and split triptych canvases you may just fall in love with Amborela’s original paintings. The temptation to reach out and touch the painting’s textures is real. So go ahead and take a closer look at the hand-sculpted, hand-inked, hand-painted craftsmanship of an Amborela artwork.

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Which canvas size fits best above nursery furniture

Compare canvas sizes that fit above standard nursery crib, changing table, and dressers.

Compare canvas sizes that fit above living room sofas, bookshelves, and dining tables.

Compare canvas sizes that fit above common bedroom furniture. Includes dressers and twin, full/queen, and king size beds.

Compare canvas sizes that fit above student desk, office desk, and filing cabinet. From huge corporate art to tiny art for cubicle décor.

Art That's Trending

Cuddle up with a throw blanket in a big geometric print that looks great in all seasons. 

Create a cheerful dining room with colorful original art to match the energy level of your family space.

Use ornate and bold surface patterns on large scaled wallpaper to create a focal point in your space. 

Make a big impact on the mood of your home’s entryway with art that draws you in for a closer look at its thick textures and rich colors.