About Amborela Surface Patterns

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Fabric ~ Wallpaper ~ Soft Furnishings

Amborela surface patterns include seamless repeats, borders, fat quarter projects, bunting projects, wholecloth quilts, and more.   Patterns are designed by artist Bethany Ogle using a mix of acrylic painting and Photoshop. You can digitally print Amborela surface patterns at Spoonflower on fabric, wallpaper, and soft furnishings.

Most patterns are in a seamless repeat. For fabric the design repeats either as a basic repeat, half drop, or half brick.  Wallpaper is in basic repeat so you don’t have waste and it’s easier to calculate how much you need. 

Scales are micro, small, mid, large, jumbo; and can usually be changed upon request.

Art deco wildflower wallpaper

Large scale surface patterns are great for statement wallpaper. But you can also use large scale designs to order duvets at Spoonflower. 

Large border prints designed for dress hems, bed dust ruffles, and wallpaper borders. Most borders are railroaded. If you need the orientation or scale changed, contact me for a revised listing before your order.

The look of tiling on easy peel and stick wallpaper. Learn how to create a faux tile backsplash in your kitchen.

Sew an easy baby quilt with Amborela’s wholecloth quilt designs scaled to fit a yard of soft minky fabric. All the patchwork is done for you in the design, just follow the easy sew tutorial for a blanket.

Start your holiday craft projects any time of the year!

Collections include Halloween, 4th of July, Christmas, Easter, Birthday, Valentine’s Day.

Amborela holiday surface patterns are available year round, ready to be printed whenever you need them. Print on a variety of fabrics including, quilting cottons, denim, minky, fleece, and many more. 

DIY bunting projects are easier with Amborela’s bunting surface patterns. Fabric is printed with the designs inside each triangle or diamond for double sided bunting for easy cut and assemble. Designs include birthday, Halloween, and wedding patterns.

Sew projects with a yard or fat quarter of Amborela’s designs for playmats, tea towels, baby quilts, trick or treat bags, and more.

Sew 4 tea towels with a yard as a set for mix and match tea towels from Amborela’s fruit and terrazzo collection with Spoonflower’s fill a yard option.

Check out my favorite sewing tutorial for sewing tea towels from a yard of 54″ fabric by “Crafting My Home”.

Learn how printing an Amborela pattern at Spoonflower works.

Learn about licensing an Amborela surface pattern to use your own print company.

Request a pattern to be railroaded or a change in scale. I will edit the file before you place a print order. 

I paint on both physical canvas and a digital Adobe canvas to create my surface patterns for fabric. Most go into repeating patterns, but I also create border prints and wholecloth baby quilts.

Join me on Instagram to see new collections of patterns as they become available on Spoonflower.

Match Wallpaper and Décor with Your Amborela Painting

Surface patterns and original paintings designed by the same artist gives you the opportunity to easily coordinate your wallpaper and soft furnishings with your canvas art. Each space in your room is considered when designing  Amborela’s art collections in colors and sizes specifically for a nursery, home, or office space.

Each collection includes:
  • Beautiful color palettes for home and office décor
  • Jumbo scales for wallpaper
  • Small – large scales for linens
  • Coordinating original paintings
Each collection includes:
  • Popular nursery colors 
  • Jumbo scales to create a focal wall with wallpaper
  • Sophisticated designs that can transition to a big kid room
  • Coordinating original canvas art