Amborela Fabric Flower Chart

Amborela fabric flower color options

Each fabric flower at Amborela is hand-crafted by Juja Crafts.  Materials used to craft the flowers include: organza, crepe, satin, glass beads, and freshwater pearls.

After the painting is varnished, the flowers are sewn onto the canvas by artist, Bethany Ogle.

Fabric flowers on Amborela paintings are interchangeable. This means you can create custom wall art by swapping out flowers on your favorite design for the flowers of your choice. This includes the hand-sculpted flowers that have a wider color selection.

Oodles of satin and shimmery organza petals are layered to create a fluffy poppy. The centers are freshwater pearls.

The 3 layers of soft crepe fabric create a minimalist look to the flowers. Simple glass beads are sewn into the centers.

This limited edition flower is not even on the flower chart. The sparkly centers are rare finds. Any painting with them is also a limited edition.

Layers of organza petals are stacked against satin to create a fluffy rose with a dramatic black center and single glass bead.