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Whether you like bold colors or classic neutrals Amborela art designs can be adapted to fit your color scheme. Shop by color tones or curated color schemes for nursery and home.

The mood of a jewel toned room is dependent on how you pair your colors. Use translucent jewel tones to create a dreamy look. While deep rich jewel colors create a bold look. Bright jewel tones create a tropical feel.

Jewel tones are often used in bohemian and Havana styles.

Jewel Toned Tree painting

Colors found in nature like autumn orange, leafy green, sky blue, and earth brown create a warm and natural feel.

Rich earth tones are often seen in traditional, and bohemian styles. While muted earth tones are more common in rustic styles.

Nursery décor is what is most often in pastel tones. But pastels have had a huge comeback in bedroom and bathroom décor when paired with metallic gold, soft neutrals, or even neon.

Pastels are common with shabby chic style. But when paired with neon brights they work with modern décor.

In the absence of color, give focus to bold texture or beautiful patterns.

A limited palette of neutral tones is the most adaptable if you change the style of your room later. Neutrals are often seen in modern farmhouse, industrial, contemporary, minimal, and traditional styles.

Small accents of metallic tones are often treated as neutrals. But when the focus of the room is metal, as in gold mirrored furniture, you create a modern glam look. 

Metallic gold, silver, and copper are available on Amborela artwork.

Cozy autumn colors of orange, red, yellow, peach, and brown make up the warm tones. These energetic colors are great in your active living spaces like dining rooms, kitchens, and family rooms.

Cool water colors of blue, green, teal, and purple make up the cool tones. These relaxing colors are great in your quiet living spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, and nurseries.

Shop art by curated color schemes. Amborela offers art collections in popular color palettes for home and nursery. You can easily mix and match coordinating art pieces for each space in your room.

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~ Beautiful color palettes for home and office decor
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~ Popular nursery colors
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If you’re planning your nursery, check out the curated nursery color schemes for inspiration.

It’s more than just wall art you can coordinate with your nursery. Artist, Bethany Ogle designs surface patterns for fabric, baby quilts, wallpaper, curtains, and pillows to match Amborela paintings.

See Color Ideas for Nurseries

Get ideas for color palettes to use in home, office, and nursery decorating. 

Find more inspiration from Amborela’s Pinterest boards with home décor ideas curated by color palettes.

If you find a painting you love, you can choose a different color scheme from the color chart to customize it!

Bethany Ogle

I am the artist creating the nature inspired paintings and surface patterns at Amborela. When I'm not in my studio, I am working in my garden with the flowers that inspire my artwork. I ooh and aah at beautiful colors and interesting textures.