Amborela Paintings

Amborela paintings are original artworks for sale direct from the artist, Bethany Ogle. Each painting is hand-painted (and often sculpted) on stretched canvas that is professionally backed, and ready to hang in your nursery, home, or office.

Materials: Acrylic & Mixed Media

Amborela wall art is hand-painted on stretched, 3/4″ depth, back stapled canvas. The main materials are acrylic paints and mediums using new and old school techniques.  India ink and wax pigments are also used to create vivid, translucent colors. All pigments are lightfast.

Center view of painting of brown and gray dahlias

Amborela art truly stands out with 3d sculptural and textured elements. Each 3d flower is hand-sculpted by the artist in thick, acrylic paint. Most of the 3d flowers on Amborela paintings are interchangeable. Flowers can be sculpted in any colors on the paint color chart. The texture is a permanent part of the canvas. 

The most popular wall art at Amborela is the triptych canvas.  The artwork is painted across a set of three canvases that hang together as one. The three piece canvases are separated by at least a 1″ space, but still visually make one scene or grouping.

If you find an Amborela painting you need in a different size, contact me for a size quote.

At Amborela you can order most paintings in different colors and sizes. You can even have color swatches mailed to you!

But the best part is that you are buying artwork directly from an artist… Bethany Ogle.  So you can discuss the details about what will work for your space with the person who will actually be painting your artwork.

Start by choosing one of the many art styles and designs at Amborela. When you find a painting you love, contact me and I’ll step you through customizing it in a different size or color layout. 

My favorite saying is about most of an artist’s studio time is spent cleaning up. Yep! It’s a messy job. My hands are often stained by ink and the sink basin is always full.

Join me on Instagram as I find beauty in the messes of life. From firework stains on cement to my splattered art desk after a session with the airbrush. It’s all good.

Mix & Match Wall Art

Easily coordinate your wall art for each space in your room with Amborela’s art collections. The artist designs each collection of art in colors and sizes specifically for a nursery, home, or office space.

Large – extra large paintings work well as a focal points, while small – medium paintings are great for accents.

Each collection includes:
  • Beautiful color palettes for home and office décor
  • Sizes to fit above common household furniture
  • Variety of nature inspired designs
  • High quality craftsmanship
  • Customized art sold direct from artist
Each collection includes:
  • Popular nursery colors 
  • Sizes to fit above standard nursery furniture
  • Sophisticated designs that can transition to a big kid room
  • Heirloom quality materials
  • Customizable art direct from artist

See Amborela’s new art designs, current promotions, and recent blog posts.

Ask a question, get a quote, request a color swatch. Amborela paintings are sold directly from the artist who is happy to help!

Compare canvas sizes, colors, and 3D flower options to help you find or customize the perfect painting for your space.

Where to Buy Amborela Paintings

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