Canvas sizes to fit your space

Choose the art size that fits best in your home or office from the canvas size chart.

Compare canvas sizes to scale with common furniture and room settings.

color changes

Love a design, but want to change the colors? Choose a customizable design to swap colors on the painting. Allow 2 weeks for your art to be painted.

See Amborela’s paint color options to customize a painting or order swatches.

Order paint swatches from the color chart of the colors you would like to see in person. Swatches arrive by post in 2-5 days.

3D Flowers

Want a different 3D flower style on your painting? Sculpted flowers and fabric flowers are interchangeable. Check out the flower options on the charts below. 

Each 3D flower is hand-sculpted by artist Bethany Ogle in thick acrylic paint that becomes a permanent part of the textured painting. 

Fabric flowers are hand-crafted by artisan, Jujacrafts.   Each flower is then sewn onto the canvas by painter, Bethany Ogle

Looking for a custom artwork made specifically for your space? I’d love to help you!

You can customize the following:

    • canvas size
    • free color changes using colors from the color chart
    • 3d flower styles
    • design layout

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