License to Print Surface Patterns

Locked jpeg format

Resolution: 300 dpi

Exact file dimensions vary based on the design. On average about 2,500 px width.  Some patterns form a square and others are rectangle. 

Repeat patterns are in block repeat. This straight match allows for efficient printing of fabric and wallpaper.

Borders patterns can be railroaded. Consider if a vertical or horizontal orientation will be the most efficient use of materials for your project.

You may not modify the artwork. The file will be downloaded as a locked jpeg. 

You can request scale and orientation changes at no charge before you download a licensed file or print at Spoonflower.

Contact me for custom color or design changes to discuss your ideas and to get quotes for change work. 

For an agreed upon flat fee you purchase a non-exclusive right to print an Amborela design. Bethany Ogle retains all copyright. Ownership of the artwork and all derivative artworks belongs to Amborela. The patterns remain for sale on Spoonflower.


Credit is not required when making/selling products from Amborela designs you have licensed or printed at Spoonflower. But if you want to name drop on your own product page, you may list credit as either Bethany Ogle or Amborela.

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No, you do not need to purchase a license to print Amborela designs at Spoonflower. The artist receives commissions from Spoonflower. You may use your Spoonflower materials for personal or commercial use.  

Only flat fee licenses can be purchased with no further royalties required. 

Fees are based on the specifics of your print run. Contact me to discuss the details of your project.

View this sample license of a 50 yard run of commercial upholstery fabric for an idea of how you would purchase the license and what the agreement looks like. The file dimensions and project details will be tailored to match the design you choose and your run details.

Ask Me a Question

I’m happy to discuss the potential of an Amborela design on your product. If you have questions, comments, or want to get started with a license, let me know.