Collection of green, pink, and purple nursery art

Pink &

Colors in Collection

  • Green apple
  • Peony pink
  • Lavender
  • Violet
  • White
  • Earth brown

Limited Color Palette

This bright girl’s nursery uses only purple and green with a neutral earth brown. Limiting your color palette is a great way to make a bright nursery feel calmer or less busy.  Later you can add in jewel tones as your little one grows up. Adding bright pink or teal accents can create a colorful, fun look for a big kid room.

This bright little painting can be personalized with baby’s name and birthdate as a keepsake. The hand-sculpted rose painting is crafted with heirloom quality materials

Don’t want to hang canvases above your crib? Make a bold statement in your nursery with large scale wallpaper

This deep purple wallpaper features a fairytale style koi pond with lotus blossoms floating above the water. 

Transitioning to a Big Girl's Room

As your furniture changes to fit the needs of a big kid room, you can rearrange the artwork to better fit each space. For example, the artwork that fit above your changing table can be moved above a student desk, bookshelf, or twin size bed.

If you are converting a crib into a toddler or full size bed, the painting that fit above your crib will still fit.

Switching to a twin bed?

The 32″ X 20″ or 35″ X 14″ painting that once fit well above your changing table is now a better fit for the twin bed. Move the 50″ X 20″ painting from above your crib to hang above a double dresser. 

Adding teal and fuchsia with this tropical tree painting creates a vibrant, fun look. Pair this with the green apple and pink items from the nursery. 

To balance the bold colors, keep your large areas, like walls and furniture in neutral tones of white, brown, or gray.

Find more ideas to coordinate a purple, green, and pink nursery with Amborela on Pinterest. 

Bethany Ogle

I am the artist creating the nature inspired paintings and surface patterns at Amborela. When I'm not in my studio, I am working in my garden with the flowers that inspire my artwork. I ooh and aah at beautiful colors and interesting textures.