Collection of gray and pink nursery art

Cool Gray
& Pink

Colors in Collection

  • Cool gray
  • Feather gray
  • Peony pink
  • Fruit punch
  • Charcoal
  • White


This girl’s nursery uses a gray wall many shades darker than the painting for contrast to make the painting pop.

The focal artwork is a large triptych with fluffy fabric flowers on climbing brambles. This painting design is also available with a pink background and gray flowers.

Add a keepsake artwork to your nursery with your baby’s name and birthdate painted inside the wreath of hand-sculpted flowers.

You don’t have to hang canvas art above your nursery to make a statement. Create a focal wall behind your crib with modern wallpaper in a pink geometric pattern

With new options like easy peel and stick, wallpaper has renewed popularity. Sticking with a classic design like this means you won’t have to rip down babyish paper in a few years. 

Light pink and gray wallpaper with an architectural diamond pattern. Soft geometric design works well as an all over wallpaper.

Add a bit of bright to your rocking chair or baby’s floor mat. Later, add to big kid bed as a bold accent move past the pastel nursery look.

An oh so soft minky blanket to cuddle up with in your  rocking chair. Yes, please! Because if you have to rock all night long, you can at least be comfy.

Add some block out shades behind these light colored curtains to help your baby sleep, but still keep the light and airy look of your nursery. 

Create a keepsake baby quilt for your nursery with this easy to sew design by Amborela. The entire patchwork of flowers is printed on a yard of fabric so you don’t need to piece a quilt. It’s fast and easy to sew!

Print on 1 Yard of your choice of fabric at Spoonflower. Don’t forget a soft minky fabric for the back!

Designed to match peony pink, cool gray, and feather gray in Amborela’s nursery art collection.

How Much Fabric Do You Need
Baby Blanket Instructions
  1. Lay flat the cotton and minky backing with printed designs facing each other
  2. Line up the edges of your rectangle, then trim the extra minky fabric
  3. Pin along the edges
  4. Sew along the border, leaving 4″ opening
  5. Remove pins
  6. Turn the fabric inside out through the opening
  7. Pin the opening
  8. Sew along the edges to create a border making sure to close the opening

Transitioning to a Tween Girl's Room

A decade goes by fast when your raising kids. So I get that time to do any real updates to your girl’s nursery was hard to come by. If vestiges of a once beautiful nursery still linger about the place, work with what you’ve got.

That soft gray or pink wall can become a backdrop for a dark or high contrast painting that pops against the wall.

In this example, charcoal and fruit punch add a dramatic, glamorous look to what used to be a light and airy nursery.


Will Your Art Still Fit?

If you still have the large painting that hung above your crib, you can fit this above a full/queen bed or a double dresser.

Switching to a twin bed?

The 32″ X 20″ painting that once fit well above your changing table is now a better fit for the twin bed. 

Find more ideas to coordinate a cool gray and pink nursery with Amborela on Pinterest. 

Bethany Ogle

I am the artist creating the nature inspired paintings and surface patterns at Amborela. When I'm not in my studio, I am working in my garden with the flowers that inspire my artwork. I ooh and aah at beautiful colors and interesting textures.