Color Palette Ideas

Get inspired with color scheme ideas as a starting point for your decorating project. Color schemes for home, office, weddings, nurseries, and more. 

Spring Color Ideas

Beachy wedding color palette

Sand and sky in morning, night and sunset hues. The pastel shades are contrasted by dark indigo that adds depth to this otherwise pastel color scheme.

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Summer Color Ideas

Two pairs of complementary colors in vivid hues create a lively color scheme for a high energy living space.

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Verdant colors of summer at a blue lake with grassy hills and coppery sunsets. These peaceful colors are great for bedrooms, bathrooms, and places for relaxation.

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1990's Retro Colors

Electric hues of the 90’s bring high energy great for family rooms, outdoor living, and children’s playrooms.

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Gumdrop Colors

Like a spice drop these colors offer a touch of sweetness to the more sophisticated colors of indigo, copper, and sage. Great colors for a home office or study where you want to focus but still keep the mood light.

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Autumn Color Ideas

Rustic Autumn Colors

Autumn wedding palette embracing earthy hues and rustic textures. Neutral French gray as the foundation allows the richness of each hue take focus.

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Three shades of purple paired with periwinkle and khaki for a baby girl’s nursery. Start with the pastel tones in the nursery and add dark grape as accents to transition to a big kid look.

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Burnt sienna, papaya, peach, and blush are set against charcoal for a dreamy color palette. Orange color schemes work well in dining rooms, living rooms, and other high activity rooms.

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So versatile, a neutral color palette can work in any room. The rich brown tone adds a bit of warmth while the charcoal adds contrast.

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Winter Color Ideas

This color scheme is dramatic with the high contrast black, cherry red, and near white gray, yet softened by the icy sea glass.

A great color palette for bedrooms of morning people crafting an environment to encourage activity or exercise upon waking.

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Chocolate, mint, cherry, and nougat, yum colors for a kitchen, dining room.  

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Cozy Winter Colors

This yummy color scheme is like a truffle of dark chocolate, cherry, mint, and nougat. A cozy and inviting color scheme for a kitchen, dining room, or a welcoming entryway.  

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Amborela's Color Palettes

Amborela offers entire collections of canvas art and coordinating surface patterns designed in beautiful color schemes for home, office, and nursery. 

Find art that matches earth tones, jewel tones, pastels, neutral tones, metallics, and more.

Collections of art and surface patterns in coordinating colors designed for home décor.

Collections of art and surface patterns in coordinating colors designed for nursery décor.

Get inspired with curated boards on Pinterest to help you get started with your home décor project.

Bethany Ogle

I am the artist creating the nature inspired paintings and surface patterns at Amborela. When I'm not in my studio, I am working in my garden with the flowers that inspire my artwork. I ooh and aah at beautiful colors and interesting textures.