FAQ About Custom Amborela Art

How long does a custom order take?

It takes up to 2 weeks to complete a custom painting before it is ready to ship. Shipping then takes 2-3 business days in the USA.

Are custom orders refundable?

Custom paintings that have not been personalized with an inscription are fully refundable. Amborela’s return/exchange policy applies to custom orders.

Do you have any other fabric flower colors to choose from?

Amborela and Juja Crafts are working to find fabrics in colors that match Amborela paint colors. But many popular colors like purple do not have matching fabrics yet. You can substitute hand-sculpted flowers for fabric flowers. The sample below shows lilac sculpted flowers replacing fabric flowers.
Center view of nursery art flowers in lilac an gray Center view of gray and lilac nursery art climbing flowers

How do I order and pay for my custom order?

After you contact me with your color and size changes, I will set up a reserved listing for you. There will be a link to the listing in my reply. Add the item to your cart and checkout. Amborela offers secure checkout with PayPal or Credit Card.


Popular wall art to customize is easy to order. Simply choose the colors you would like for each element in your painting and add to cart and checkout. Amborela offers secure checkout with PayPal or Credit Card.

Do you ship custom orders internationally?

All international orders need to be placed through Amborela’s Etsy shop. Only orders shipping within the USA are accepted at amborela.com. Etsy will convert to your currency, language, and calculate shipping to your country. Please let me know your shipping country so I can include a shipping price quote in my reply.

Can you mix colors to match my swatch?

While I don’t mix custom colors, you can choose colors from the Amborela color chart. If you need to check for a color match, let me know, and I will mail color swatches to you.

Does it cost extra to change colors?

No, there is no additional charge to simply change colors to different colors from the Amborela color chart.

Which canvas sizes can I choose for a custom order?

Any of the canvas sizes on the Amborela size chart can be used for a custom painting.  Mini canvas sizes seen in the Amborela Etsy shop are not customizable.

Which canvas size will fit best in my space?

You can compare canvas sizes that fit over common furniture in your office, nursery, living room, or bedroom with these canvas scale diagrams.

Art for home and nursery space

If I need a different canvas size, will you send me a quote?

Yes, contact me or email bethany@amborela.com, and I will send you a size quote. If you’re debating between similar sizes, let me know and I’ll send a comparison size quote.

Can I add a name inscription to my custom painting?

Name Inscription on Pink Rose BranchYou can see examples of painting designs that have space for a name inscription in Amborela’s Etsy shop. Not all designs at Amborela have empty space for an inscription.

It costs $5 per name inscription you want hand-painted onto the canvas. While personalized name paintings make great gifts to welcome a new baby, they are not refundable.

I highly recommend you order free color swatches before you place an order to confirm the artwork will match baby’s nursery.

Gift wrapping is now available for purchase in Amborela’s Etsy shop.

Will I see photos of the custom painting before it ships?

While I don’t have custom paintings photographed before they ship, I can create a mock-up for you in Photoshop before I begin work. The mock-up will be rough; enough to show color placement and make sure we are in agreement about what you want. Ask for a mock-up of your custom colors now!

If you are not fully satisfied with your painting when you see it in person, let me know. You can return any custom painting that has not been inscribed. I highly recommend ordering free color swatches to make sure the painting will match your space before I begin work on a custom painting.

Which Amborela paintings are easy to customize?

Diagram of elements to customize on leafy flowering tree artDiagram showing elements that can be custom coloredDiagram of elements for custom colors on tree artDiagram of elements to customize on leafy tree art

Diagram for custom colors on climbing flower art

Diagram for custom colors on extra large flower art

Diagram for small rose nursery artDiagram for small sculpted wildflower custom art

Diagram for custom colors on sculpted climbing flower art

Diagram for custom colors on small climbing flower art

Diagram of elements for custom flowering tree art

Art for home and nursery space

How do other people like their custom Amborela art?

5 star review of custom pink and gray tree painting5 star review of blue and pink tree painting
5 star review of brown and green flower painting5 star review of custom khaki tree painting

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