How to Hang Amborela Artwork

How to Hang Your Amborela Wall Art

When your Amborela artwork arrives, it will come with an installed sawtooth hanger, paper dustcover, and bumpers on each bottom corner.

You will need nails, hammer, and level. You may want additional tools shown below to make hanging your artwork easier or more secure.

How to Hang Your Amborela Wall Art Securely

picture-hanger-10lbStep 1: Install the nail at a 45 degree angle into the wall where you have marked. You can use a small picture hanger to help guide the nail at the proper angle.

Step 2: Hang the canvas and set a level on top edge to straighten.

Step 3: Gently press bottom corners to help bumpers keep canvas straight.

Optional Step:  If you don’t want to repeatedly straighten your artwork in a high traffic area, a 3M picture hanging strip is a great alternative to bumpers.


Safety Reminders

These precautions apply to Amborela art because it is lightweight (approximately 1-3 lbs/canvas). Additional and different safety precautions apply to art purchased elsewhere that might be heavier, use different hanging hardware, or contain glass.


  • Don’t hang artwork within reach of a child
  • If you hang artwork above a bed, crib, changing table, or sofa, it is essential to use your good judgement on safety. A wall decal may be a better alternative in your situation.
  • Always install your nail at a 45 degree angled when installing in drywall. You can replace bumpers with 3M picture hanging strips as an added precaution.
  • Do not tamper with the sawtooth hanger. Prying it outwards to make hooking it onto the nail easier will make it less secure on the wall.
  • Do not replace the sawtooth hanger on Amborela art with a 3M picture hanging strip. The paper dustcover can pull away from the back of the canvas causing the artwork to fall.

Easy Way to Hang an Art Triptych or Gallery Wall

hanger-levelThe “Hang & Level” tool simplifies the placement of artwork. If you don’t have the patience for measuring, you will want to invest in this tool. This stress-free way of hanging artwork is so simple, you will use this tool for all your wall art, not just your 3 piece wall art and gallery wall arrangements.

Start by hanging the central piece to your triptych or gallery wall and move on to the outer pieces.

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