Collection of gray and yellow nursery art

& Aqua

Colors in Collection

  • Cool gray
  • Feather gray
  • Sunset yellow
  • Banana yellow
  • Charcoal
  • White
  • Aqua

The best Amborela canvas size for focal art above a crib is 50″ X 20″. But you can go as small as half the width of your crib (about 30″) if it is not your focal point. 

Remember to hang artwork out of reach of baby even when she learns to stand up in crib. Take extra precautions to secure the artwork here.

If you have a crib with a changing table attached to the side, an extra large painting will be a good fit. A 62″ X 20″ painting will create a focal point in this situation. 

Remember to hang artwork out of reach of baby even when she learns to stand up in crib. Take extra precautions to secure the artwork here.

If your focal point is above your double dresser, choose a large 50″ X 20″ painting. But if this is an accent piece, a painting between 32″ and 42″ inches is a good fit. 

This sample painting can hang separately. This gives you flexibility when you rearrange your room or switch to a narrow dresser.

Rearranging Artwork for a Big Kid's Room

When your ready to give a fresh look to your nursery decor for a big kid look, your Amborela artwork can look great with the transition. But you will need to move things around a bit to fit in proportion with the changing furniture.

If you are converting a crib into a toddler or full size bed, the painting that fit above a crib will still fit.

Switching to a twin bed?

The painting that once fit well above your changing table is now a better fit for a twin bed. Move the 50″ X 20″ painting from above your crib to hang above a double dresser. 

When you transition to a big kid’s room you may have room to add a student desk. This gives you the opportunity to add an additional accent color to your original yellow and gray nursery.

This painting uses a darker gray and adds aqua to help the kid room move beyond the pastel nursery look.

Wallpaper a focal wall or an entire room with this geo floral design. There is a subtle chevron of two toned yellow flowers. 

Add back support to your rocking chair. When baby starts tummy time, use on the floor with a blanket or mat. 

This lattice pattern of interlocking floral garlands in soft yellow and gray is great for a light and airy feel in your baby’s room.

A must have for those long nights sitting up in your rocking chair with baby. Stay snuggly warm with a soft minky blanket in a geometric pattern.

Get Inspired

Find more ideas to coordinate an aqua, gray, and yellow nursery with Amborela on Pinterest. 

Bethany Ogle

I am the artist creating the nature inspired paintings and surface patterns at Amborela. When I'm not in my studio, I am working in my garden with the flowers that inspire my artwork. I ooh and aah at beautiful colors and interesting textures.