How to Choose Colors for Your Amborela Wall Art

Diagram labeling the colors from the room where they go on a tree painting
How to Choose Colors for Your Custom Wall Art

Have you already decided on a color scheme, wall paint color, or maybe even picked out your furniture and bedding for your room?   It’s easy to coordinate your Amborela wall art with the rest of your room decor.

  • Tree trunk: color of furniture
  • Background: accent color in room
  • Sculpted flowers: main color in room or wall color

Start by choosing the colors that coordinate best with your decor from the Amborela color chart.  Not sure if a color will match? Order a free color swatch. Then arrange your color layout based on the above placement guide. Ask for a mock-up based on this color guide to see what your painting would look like.

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Amborela art color chart

Which Color to Choose as the Background of Your Wall Art

  • Choose the accent color in your room as the main color for your painting.  In Amborela paintings, the background is the main color, because it takes up the most visual space. As a general rule, the main color in your artwork should be the accent color in your room. Art, while it makes a great focal point, is still only an accent; a small fraction of your entire room.
  • Create contrast between your painting and the surrounding wall color. Choose a background color that is significantly different in hue and tone than your wall paint. If you choose a background color that is similar to your wall color, the painting will blend into the wall too much.
  • Once you have chosen a different hue than your wall paint, considering adjusting the tone to make your artwork pop. A light toned painting stands out against a mid to dark toned wall. And a dark toned painting stands out against a light to mid toned wall.

Which Color to Choose for Your 3D Flowers

  • Choose the main color in your room as the accent color for your painting. The sculpted and fabric flowers on Amborela paintings are the accent color of your art. The flowers look great in the main color of the room.
  • Do you have a large area of color near your painting that isn’t technically your main room color? The color of a nearby wall, rug, or bedding will also be a great choice for your 3d flower color. For example, light gray flowers would look great near light gray walls, even if light gray isn’t the main color in your room.

Which Color to Choose for Your Tree Trunk or Flower Stems

  • Choose a neutral hue for your tree trunks and flower stems. Here’s an opportunity to coordinate your art with your furniture, creating a truly custom art look. Dark brown, white, gray, and French gray wood finishes are easy to coordinate with neutral colors on the Amborela color chart.
  • Create contrast between the trunk or stems and the surrounding background. Choose a dark color for your trunk or stems when you choose a light background color.  And choose a light color for your trunk or stems when you choose a dark background color.


Plan your nursery color scheme based on an Amborela painting.

Customize an Amborela Painting

Diagram of elements to customize on leafy flowering tree artDiagram showing elements that can be custom coloredDiagram of elements for custom colors on tree artDiagram of elements to customize on leafy tree art

Diagram for custom colors on climbing flower art

Diagram for custom colors on extra large flower art

Diagram for small rose nursery artDiagram for small sculpted wildflower custom art

Diagram for custom colors on sculpted climbing flower art

Diagram for custom colors on small climbing flower art

Diagram of elements for custom flowering tree art
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