Art that stands out

3d hand-sculpted wall art

How long have you been searching for wall art that’s a little different than the usual?  Amborela art can make a big impact in your room with textures and sculptural details that simply beg you to reach out and touch them.

Hand-sculpted Feathers

One by one, each sculpted feather is fit like a puzzle using a unique take on impasto painting techniques.

The stunning 3D effect is available on bird and flower paintings.

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Sculpted feathers on blue sparrow painting

Hand-sculpted Flowers

Amborela’s 3D flowers make a big impact even on the smallest of artworks. Each petal is hand-sculpted by the artist in thick, acrylic paint that hardens as it cures.  Flowers can be sculpted in any colors on the paint color chart and even coated in metallic hues. 

Sculpted Flower Chart

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Background Textures

Gorgeous patterns are “old school” screen printed by hand in a thick paint to create textured backgrounds. These paintings make you want to reach out and touch them they are so dreamy.

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Impasto Flowers

Giant sunflower petals are sculpted directly on the canvas with a palette knife. Each petal is then washed in color for a watercolor effect.

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Metallic Textures

Sculpted flowers and textures can be coated in metallic paints for a luxe look. Choose from gold, silver, and copper. Metallic colors are also available in limited hues. 

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The best part about being and artist is the process, no contest. But when I see someone’s hand start to reach out to touch the textures on my paintings, that’s the cherry on top. 

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