New dahlia flower design by Amborela
New dahlia design introduced in Boho Collection

NEW! Boho Dahlia Painting

The first of many new Amborela designs introduces a new flower style!  The overlay of dahlias and roses are hand-painted with watercolor techniques and adapted fluid acrylic techniques to create a brand new look.

This new floral design is hand-painted by artist, Bethany Ogle.  The continuous scene is painted across three canvases that hang as a triptych or can be separated as individual artworks. This new artwork can be painted in different colors and sizes. Contact me for a custom order or size quote today.

What's Your Style?

Do you think less is more, or more is more? Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist the new dahlia art by Amborela can be customized to fit your style.

Less is more in this limited color palette. The design is a repeat lacy pattern with simple sculpted flowers. 

Minimal art fits in well with industrial and Scandinavian style.

With an all over design, bold colors, copper accents, and subtle texture, this painting leaves no empty space. That’s what maximal style is all about.

Using a limited palette of only neutral tones creates a classic look. Neutrals look good in most styles so your artwork can adapt if you change the style of your room later.

Neutrals are popular in modern farmhouse and industrial styles.

The dahlias are painted in autumn orange, leaf green, sky blue, and earth brown.

These rich earth tones are often seen in rustic and bohemian styles.

Pastel hues in light to mid-tones have little contrast. This creates a soft look that is often seen with styles like shabby chic and French country. 

With shimmery metallic accents and bold rich colors, this artwork fits right in with a modern glam style. 

Jewels come in many colors sometimes rich and sometimes translucent. Using jewel tones can create a dreamy or an energetic look depending on how you use them.  

Jewel tones are popular in bohemian and tropical styles.

New to the Dahlia Collection

The first dahlia painting in 2019 led to big things. In 2020 a fabric collection with a matching nursery set was introduced. And in 2021 a new style of tree triptych painting

The new dahlia design has fabric and wallpaper coordinates based on the original artwork. 

Mix and match your décor with coordinating pillows, bedding, curtains, wallpaper and more. 

Get ideas for a boho style nursery with a curated collection of art and home décor in rich jewel and earth tones.  

This collection includes an easy to sew wholecloth quilt as a keepsake for your nursery.

The same technique used to make the flower paintings has been adapted to a tree design on a triptych canvas. 

See which triptych size will fit your space.

Just as you take away wood to reveal a carving, I take away paint from a flooded canvas to reveal a painting. 

These dahlia paintings are not prints or stenciled, but hand-painted (or unpainted would be a better word for it). 

Learn more about art techniques used in Amborela paintings.

Bethany Ogle

I am the artist creating the nature inspired paintings and surface patterns at Amborela. When I'm not in my studio, I am working in my garden with the flowers that inspire my artwork. I ooh and aah at beautiful colors and interesting textures.