Fabric: Kids Play Mat Dance Like A…

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This design by Amborela is available on canvas fabric for a play mat at Spoonflower.



This large scale play design features a hopscotch style game path for a dance like a… game.   The game adapts to a 42″ cotton width. But for the full game, print on a sturdier canvas with a 56″ width.

This is the front side of a double sided kids play mat.  The back side is a Treasure Hunt Mat for preschool age.

Sewing Instructions for the Double Sided Play Mat

Surface Pattern Features


  • 1 way direction
  • Large scale project (adaptable to different fabric widths)


  • Magenta
  • Cyan
  • Yellow
  • Green


  • Dance
  • Hopscotch


  • Preschool Graphic

Collection of Coordinates:


Surface pattern is designed and copyrighted by Bethany Ogle at Amborela.





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