Front:  Dance Like a… Hopscotch Play Mat

For the brave moms who dance along with a preschooler like no one’s watching.

Dance like a hopscotch play mat for preschooler
Dance like a… Ninja, Airplane, and Your Happy Dance

Your preschooler will love to wiggle like jelly, jump like a rabbit, and spin like a tornado with this dance mat.  Let your little mover toss a pebble along the path like hopscotch to choose their dance move. At the end of the path is “Happy Dance”!

Take along as a parade blanket to help entertain your preschooler while waiting for the parade to start. They can get all their wiggles out before they need to sit down.

Back:  Treasure Hunt at the Park Play Mat

For the child who hunts for dandelions, pinecones and rocks like precious treasure.

Treasure hunt at the park play mat for preschooler
Find Natural Treasures at the Park to Open Secret Treasure Chest

Expand on your child’s natural curiosity about nature with a guided treasure hunt at the park. This play mat is great across age groups. A toddler may hunt dandelions, a preschooler may distinguish between seeds and rocks, while an older child may be ready to find specific types of leaves.

You can play this as an I Spy game while visiting state parks or any time rules about nature collection apply.

Sew an opening in the blanket under the treasure chest to hide a surprise treasure for the end of the game. A painted rainbow rock, oooh!

Take Along Outdoor Blanket

With all the outdoor activities of summer, a lightweight blanket is handy to keep in your car or stroller. Grab this double sided playmat / blanket to take along to a

  • parade
  • splash pad
  • fireworks show
  • picnic for 2
  • movies at the park
  • concert at the park
  • nature walk treasure hunt

How to Sew a Double Sided Blanket Play Mat

Supplies you need for sewing play mat
You Need:

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. prewash and iron fabric
  2. Your fabric arrives with a white border around design. Do not trim. Use for your seam allowance
  3. Sew a straight stitch or serge 1/2″ from printed design in seam allowance
    • this prevents fraying
    • makes your blanket seams more durable
    • skip this step with fabrics that don’t fray like fleece
  4. Check if your rectangles have square 90 degree angles
    • fabrics with a stretchy bias like twill can pull on a 45 degree angle in prewash and ironing
    • if needed, gently stretch along the bias to reshape rectangle or your printed designs won’t line up
  5. Line up your front and back with printed sides facing each other
  6. Pin edges in place
  7. Place a pin at your stop point to leave an opening at the treasure chest
  8. Sew your two pieces together
    • It’s easy to get straight seams, just follow a smidgen inside the edge of the printed design showing through underside of fabric
    • Remember to stop at treasure chest to leave an opening
  9. Pull your fabric through the opening
    • If you plan to make a secret pouch under treasure chest, you can hem up the pouch edges
    • If you don’t want a secret pouch you can stitch up the opening
  10. Pin flattened edges in place 1″ from edge
  11. Sew through both layers 1″ inside edge to create your blanket border
  12. Pin a guide path throughout blanket
  13. Sew through both layers following your path to attach layers throughout blanket.
    • You can choose a pattern to sew or randomly swirl around the blanket
    • If you made an opening for the secret pouch, let your stitch pattern create the seam inside the pouch

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Bethany Ogle

I am the artist creating the nature inspired paintings and surface patterns at Amborela. When I'm not in my studio, I am working in my garden with the flowers that inspire my artwork. I ooh and aah at beautiful colors and interesting textures.