How to Use Amborela Art to Inspire Your Nursery Colors

Diagram labeling the colors on the art that can inspire coordinating items in a nursery
Start Planning Your Nursery with a Color Scheme Inspired by Amborela Wall Art

It’s easy to use Amborela art as inspiration for your nursery’s color scheme with the simple color guide shown above.

If you are just starting to plan your nursery, you may find the “blank slate” of the empty room overwhelming. The possibilities are endless, even more so if you love Pinterest as much as I do. Using Amborela wall art as inspiration for your color scheme can be an easy way to get started. Add the painting you love to your nursery Pinterest board, and begin pinning coordinating room ideas using these tips.

Which Color to Choose as Your Nursery’s Main Color

  • Choose the accent color in your painting as the main color for your room.  In Amborela paintings, the 3d flowers are usually the accent color.
  • Some paintings have more than one flower color. In this case, either color will work well as your room’s main color. If you want a softer, more spacious look in your room, choose the lighter color. If you want a bolder, or cozier look, choose the darker color.

Which Color to Choose for Your Nursery’s Accent Color

  • Choose the main color in your painting as the accent color for your room. The background color is the main color of your Amborela painting.

Which Wood Finish to Choose for Your Nursery Furniture

  • The tree trunk or flower stems in your painting are a great choice for your furniture finish.
  • What if you want a soft look in your nursery, but the tree painting you like has an earth brown trunk. In this case you don’t want to add dark wood to your nursery. A soft gray or white furniture finish would be better. You could customize your painting to have a matching trunk. Simply choose the color you want from the Amborela color chart, and request a custom painting.

Which Color to Choose for Your Nursery Wall Color

  • An accent color in your painting can make a great choice for your wall color.
  • You have more flexibility and options when it comes to choosing a wall color. Your walls can be the same as the main color in your room or not.
  • Choosing a neutral tone, will give you more flexibility when you want to redecorate. This is especially important if you are choosing a color for your nursery walls. Ask yourself, “do I want to repaint this room in a few years when it’s time to transition to a big kid’s room decor?”
  • Create contrast between the surrounding wall and your painting. Choose a wall color that is significantly different in hue than your artwork. If you choose a wall color that is similar to the background in your painting, then the artwork will blend into the wall too much.
  • Once you have chosen a different hue for your wall paint, considering adjusting the tone to make your artwork pop. A light toned painting stands out against a mid to dark toned wall. And a dark toned painting stands out against a light to mid toned wall.

Is adding a painting the last step in your decorating project? Have you already painted your walls, picked out your bedding, and chosen your furniture? Learn how to customize the colors of your Amborela wall art to coordinate with the rest of your nursery or room.

About Bethany Ogle

I am the artist creating the nature inspired paintings available exclusively at Amborela. I work mainly with acrylics, India ink, and fabric. I ooh and aah at beautiful colors and interesting textures.

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