Girls birthday bunting projects in pink, aqua, black, yellowGirls birthday gift wrap paper in pink, aqua, yellow, black

Happy Birthday Bunting Project Sizes

Approximate sizes for each triangle depends on cut placement and no seam allowance:

  • fabric is 8″ W x 8″ H
  • paper is 4″ W x 4″ H

Fabric and papers for this project are designed by Amborela and printed by Spoonflower.

Fabric happy birthday bunting project in aqua, yellow, pinkFabric party bunting project in pink and aqua

Double Sided Bunting, No Sew Project

This project is for bunting that will be viewed from both sides. For example, hanging from an archway.  A single sided bunting project hanging against a wall simply needs to be cut into triangles and attached along a ribbon.

Fabric Bunting:

To create a double sided fabric bunting you need:

Fusible web and fray check can be purchased in the notions section of any fabric store.

Fabric Bunting Instructions 

  1. Cut out each diamond (not triangles) along diagonal lines.
  2. Fold diamond in half along thick horizontal lines, making sure each side matches up.
  3. Press the fold with iron.
  4. Insert cord or ribbon inside the top of fold to hang triangles.
  5. Sandwich a sheet of fusible web between the unprinted sides of fabric facing each other
  6. Iron according to fusible web instructions.
  7. Fray check edges.


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