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Follow Amborela on Instagram to see more beautiful (and sometimes silly) things I create in my everyday life. Because I believe cakes, snowmen, sidewalks, and gardens are secretly waiting for me to turn them into “everyday art”.

Dramatic wallpaper for an entryway statement wall.

Shop Black and White Wallpaper

Novelty fabrics for Halloween featuring candy corn colored guinea pigs in a witch’s lair.

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Autumn Décor

Amborela’s new textured feather art in autumn colors and metallics.

Shop Fall Feathered Art 

Not too Big, Not too Little

Choose from a variety of canvas sizes that are just right for your space.

Shop Medium Sized Art 

Would you ever go back to the stiff, scratchy fabrics of the 1950’s? Not likely! Designs of symbolic flowers of hope that the future for women is lined in modal.

Create a statement with focal artwork.

Shop Statement Art 

Little 10X10 canvas art with impasto and sculpted texture with metallic gold painted accents.

Transform your nursery with easy peel and stick wallpaper.

Shop Pink Wallpaper

You don’t have to frame Amborela art. But if you do, you’ll need a special frame that fits canvas.

Learn How to Frame Canvas

Take a look at the textured details on this sunflower painting with a golden center.

Shop Metallic Art

So many different textures to choose from at Amborela.

See Types of Textured Art at Amborela

Rose brambles climb across a split canvas in this sweet nursery art. 

Shop Purple Nursery Coordinates

Mix and match wall art and soft furnishings for a purple and brown toned nursery.

Shop Purple & Neutral Nursery Coordinates

Dark grape floral tree cut away using subtractive painting to reveal a rainbow background.

See More Art Techniques Used at Amborela

Rich colors of wax pigment and metallic acrylic make this little painting a cheery pop of color for a small space.

Shop Art with Vibrant Hues

Mix and match wall art for each space in your room with coordinated collections by Amborela.

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Shop Home Collections

Country farmhouse style floral wallpapers.

Shop Coordinates in Collection

Bold statement art that makes a big impression as you enter your home.

Shop Art for Entryway

Vintage style rose queen dress hem border fabric. 

Wonderland style Alice dress hem border. 

Shop Coordinates in Collection

Collection of apparel fabric designs including dress borders for a mother and daughter dress.

Shop Wonderland Collection

Interesting and bold art for the active rooms in your home.

Order in colors to match your kitchen or dining room

Striped print of green bamboo on cocktail napkins.  

Shop Coordinates in Collection

Fill a big open wall space with extra large canvas art.

Shop Extra Large Art

Farmhouse style floral print for fabric and wallpaper.

Shop the Collection

Bold, colorful, all over patterns designed to make a maximal statement in your home.

Shop All Maximalist Art

Sculpted bird feathers on this Canadian Blue Sparrow softly shimmer.

See what else is new at Amborela

One of Amborela’s new painting designs for 2022.

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Now’s the time to start planning your Easter sewing projects. 

Shop the Easter Fabric Collection

Neutral toned canvas art lets the sculptural texture take center stage on this small painting.

Shop All Neutral Art

Crystal rain in khaki and blue tones on a large scale border for dress borders.

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Soft floral tones paired with cool gray tones in this painting inspired by flowers in a farmhouse garden.

Shop Sculpted Floral Still Life Art

Canvas art created for a twins nursery.

See Details at Amborela’s Etsy Shop

Collection of peony pink and cool gray art for a baby girl’s nursery.

See More Nursery Collections

Nursery fabric and soft furnishings to match Amborela’s Pink and Gray Nursery Art collection.

Shop Matching Coordinates

Hand-sculpted roses on a small square canvas painting.

Choose Colors to Match Nursery

Commemorate your first Valentine’s Day as newlyweds with an inscribed keepsake artwork.

See More Color Options

Amborela’s stylish wallpaper available in pink, blue, and green colorways. 

Shop Matching Coordinates

Valentine themed fabric prints for crafts and sewing.


Hand-sculpted roses and peonies for Valentine keepsake gifts.

Bouquet Alternative Gifts for Valentine’s Day

“Follow Your Arrow” print on a throw pillow just in time for Valentine’s day.

More Valentine Gift Ideas

Cuddly soft throw blanket with Valentine hearts for a Valentine movie night in.

More Valentine’s Day Ideas

Keepsake Valentine’s Day gifts are now on sale at Amborela through 2/11/22.

Shop the Valentine Sale

Serve up a waffle breakfast this Valentine’s day with Amborela’s “For the Love of Waffle Heart” printed placemats.

Get More Valentine’s Day Ideas

Galentine gifts to brighten your friends day! Mini artworks can hang on a wall or be displayed on a shelf. Sale ends 2/11/22.

Shop the Galentine Sale

New for 2022! Hand-sculpted bird feathers and feathery flower petals.

Learn More About New Art at Amborela

Save 15% on paintings in the nursery category at through 2/28/22. Coupon Code:  INSTASAVE15Nursery

Order in Custom Colors

For the friend that is STILL working from home. Help them brighten up their work space with flowers that don’t need their water changed every day. 

As cute as a box of chocolates, but without all the calories! Give  to your sweetheart as a keepsake Valentine’s gift.

Roses that last for many more Valentine’s days to come.

Shop Keepsake Valentine Art

Hand-sculpted cherry blossom tree painting on a split canvas.

Shop More Tree Canvas Art

Red and white poppies painted on canvas with fluid acrylics.

Shop More Flower Paintings

Canvas art for Valentine’s day gifts are now on sale at Amborela. Sale ends 2/11/22.

Shop the Valentine Sale

Flower bouquets that can make a romantic gesture without the allergens. 

Get Valentine Gift Ideas

Flora pillow from the woodland nursery collection available at Spoonflower.

Shop Collection in 3 Colorways

Save 30% on select wall art at Amborela’s Etsy shop.

Shop the Sale!

High contrast wallpaper for a dramatic focal wall.

Shop More Black & White Designs

Changing colors on an Amborela painting you love is free with premixed hues from the color chart

Select a Painting to Customize

This sunny floral print features silhouettes of cosmos flowers in bold yellow and white. 

Shop the collection for bedding coordinates.

Textured mandala art in tranquil blues for a small meditation space. 

Learn how to use modern day wallpaper to get a new look for your home with Spoonflower wallpaper tutorials

Like the surface pattern? Shop the coordinating collection.

Bold citrus hues and geometric mosaic in this coordinate fabric for Amborela’s kitchen linen collection.

Save 25% of Amborela wallpaper designs at Spoonflower now through Friday. 

Shop the Sale

Gorgeously textured patterns of lace create the backdrop for a sunshine yellow bouquet of flowers on this new canvas art. 

Vintage style fabric featuring citrus and terrazzo.

Coordinates available in Citrus Collection of Surface Patterns.

Mix and match canvas art, wallpaper, and soft furnishings with coordinates for your home office. 

Geometric patterned wallpaper for a farmhouse style nursery.

Available in teal, goldenrod and charcoal colorways.

Oversized artwork to fit above a sofa or king size bed. Triptych is shown with 1″ spacing.

Boho rustic color palette inspired by the sculpted wedding floral painting.

Customize this Painting

Large scale floral border fabric is turned (railroaded) so the scene is continuous across multiple yards. 

Create your own baby keepsake blanket with Amborela’s easy to sew cheater quilt blocks. 

3 Colorways Available

Ideas for using textures and patterns for neutral art and décor in your home.

Shop Neutral Toned Art

Soft earth toned cabbage roses on French gray background. 

Shop the matching Autumn Floral Collection.

You don’t need to frame Amborela canvas art. But you can. Learn what type of frames will fit a canvas even if it has texture. 

Bold, angular sunbursts give energy to your workspace, while rich art deco colors blend well with your home environment. 

Hand-sculpted flowers encircle baby’s name and birth date inscription in this custom nursery art.


Double buffalo checks in muted teal on a duvet at Spoonflower.

Coordinates available in Amborela’s Autumn Collection of Surface Patterns.

See the painting inspiration for the festive color palette in Amborela’s Etsy shop.

Display this set of three paintings as a triptych or separately as accent art. 

Shop more triptych paintings

Tropical flowers drift on navy waves in this fabric repeat pattern by Amborela.

Two colorways featuring Amborela’s Hawaiian floral seamless pattern designs.

Navy and burgundy floral pattern by Amborela on a throw pillow.

Love rearranging your décor to get a fresh look? A mid-tone neutral artwork gives you the flexibility to hang on a dark, light, or colored wall and still stand out. 

Add a little painting with a bold pop of color on a bookshelf or wall to brighten up a small space.

Shop Small Artwork

Get inspired with Amborela’s mood board of teal, wine red, and earth tones. 

Shop the matching Teal Wall Art Collection.

Save 15% on paintings in the nursery category at through 1/15/22.

Coupon Code:  INSTASAVE15Nursery

Peony blossoms stand out from the canvas painting on this textured artwork. 

Shop the matching Teal and Pink Nursery Art Collection.

Add a sweet bunny pillow to your nursery rocking chair with Amborela’s woodland design.

Shop Coordinates

Wax pigment paintings with their vivid colors are Amborela’s next big project for the coming new year.

Give a personalized keepsake gift to welcome a new baby. Includes a hand-painted name and birthdate inscription.

Add on gift wrapping to your wall art order for gifts going directly to the recipient. Includes a hand-written gift note.

Art deco fan flower wallpaper designed by Amborela.  Removable wallpaper options available at Spoonflower.

Painted in a gum drop palette, this abstract close up of a flower is a colorful and textured artwork designed for an eclectic space.

Neutral gray, white, and browns  let the sculpted textures of Amborela art take center stage. See which size will fit your space.

Art deco duvet with a patchwork quilt pattern. Or sew your own quilt in the fabric of your choice at Spoonflower. 

Peony blossoms stand out from the canvas painting on this textured artwork. 

Trumpet flowers fan out in this vintage style fabric print by Amborela. 

Make a stunning statement wall with Amborela’s art deco style wallpaper. With peel and stick options, it’s never been easier to wallpaper your bedroom.

Each apple blossom on this tree is hand-sculpted to create a unique 3d textured painting. 

Three canvases that hang as a set. This dahlia painting is painted as a continuous scene across the canvases.

Coupon Code:  INSTASAVE10OVER50

Save $10 when you spend $50 or more on paintings at  Code expires 12/31/21. Rules and restrictions apply.

French gray, peony pink, and teal make this nursery collection of wall art, wallpaper, and nursery décor sweet as sugar and spice. 

French gray double buffalo checks by Amborela on a duvet. Now available at Spoonflower.

Making it snow on little gingerbread cakes. My “everyday art” for the holidays using an easy cake mix from King Arthur.

The new dahlia style tree painting is accented with a metallic gold trunk for a baby girl’s nursery. See the full painting.

Translucent halo effect on petals of poppies with Kingart wax pigments.

See the new effects created with wax paint sticks by Kingart.

Art for little spaces, because even the smallest art can make a big impact.

Update your tween’s room for the new year with bold, colorful artwork. 

Save on wall art and gift artwork now through 12/6/21.

Art sizes small enough to carry to a party for a secret Santa gift exchange.

Hand-painted inscriptions for personalized gifts. 

Perfect little gifts for coworkers, secret Santa exchanges, and party hostesses.

Bouquet of 3d organza flowers in black dahlia cameo.

Cut flower alternative gift idea for Valentine’s day

New Valentine fabric by Amborela now available at Spoonflower.

Hand-sculpted floral art for weddings and anniversaries.

Sculpted flower art for a beach themed wedding.

Personalized wedding and anniversary art with inscribed names. 

Coordinating collection of rose and dahlia patterns for nursery fabric, wallpaper, and décor. 

Personalized wedding and anniversary art with inscribed names. 

Hang this on a wall or prop on a bookshelf. This small painting fits a 10×10 space.

The original artwork used to create the boho fabric and wallpaper collection.

This keepsake baby gift is inscribed with hand-painted baby’s name and birthdate.

Scandi style folk art with hand-sculpted flower in pink and indigo.

New to the canvas size options is a bigger square canvas size 24″ x 24″.

Bold art deco style fabric with a mosaic of star flowers and triangle inlays.

Teal coordinate fabric in the new Art Deco collection of surface patterns. 

Large scale art deco style fabric in a scallop pattern of fan flowers.

Bethany Ogle

I am the artist creating the nature inspired paintings and surface patterns at Amborela. When I'm not in my studio, I am working in my garden with the flowers that inspire my artwork. I ooh and aah at beautiful colors and interesting textures.