How to Hang a Nursery Gallery Wall of Art and Photos

Example of a canvas art arrangement above a nursery dresser

Add Faces to Your Nursery Gallery Wall Baby’s love faces. But they especially squeal with delight when they see faces of people they love. Photographs of baby and family are great additions to a nursery gallery wall. An added benefit of photos is that they are easy to switch out with new images…

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15 Ways to Personalize Your Gallery Wall

Example of a gallery wall displaying canvas art with floating shelves

Personalize Your Gallery Wall With More Than Art Framed Art and Botanical Prints Framed Photographs Canvas Paintings Wall Sconces Block Letters and Symbols Wall Decals of Words or Names Floating Shelves and Cubes Mementos from Travels Wall Flowers and Relief Sculptures Decorative Mirrors Wall Clocks Chalkboards, Cork-boards, and Memory Boards…

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