International Orders

International shipping is temporarily suspended due to service disruptions in multiple countries due to Covid-19. 

List of countries with service suspensions 

Shop Amborela’s Etsy Shop for International Orders

You will only have the option to ship within the USA on this website. However, international shipping is an option for most canvas sizes in Amborela’s Etsy shop. All paintings at are listed in Amborela’s Etsy shop. If you need help finding a painting, contact me and I’ll reply with the link you need.

Over-sized paintings with a 36×24 canvas do not ship outside the USA on any website. This includes the 74X36 paintings on three canvases (triptychs). If you need to fill a large space, I recommend the 62X24 triptych extra large size to ship internationally.

Etsy Makes International Orders Easier by

  • converting currency
  • calculating international shipping costs
  • reminding you that your country may charge you customs tax upon arrival

Both Etsy and allow guest checkout, and offer credit card or PayPal secure payment.

What to Expect

  • 6-10 business days for shipping via USPS Priority International Mail (large-extra large canvas sizes)
  • 2 weeks + for shipping via USPS First Class Priority Mail (small-medium canvas sizes)
  • Amborela paintings are on stretched canvas, not rolled. Expect a box on arrival, not a tube.

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